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Located in the heart of the Alpilles massif since 1489, Château d'Estoublon is one of the great estates of the Baux-de-Provence appellation.
On the south-facing limestone foothills, the 18-hectare vineyard includes many grape varieties: Grenache, Syrah, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Mourvèdre, Roussane and Marsanne, while 120 hectares of olive groves surround the Château.

From olives to oil

Historic activity of the estate, Estoublon olive oils have become one of the most renowned in the Vallée-des-Baux-de-Provence appellation. As with the wines, the different varieties of olives each play their own aromatic score. Bouteillan, Salonenque, Grossane, Béruguette and Picholine are all atypical and complementary, and are available in Estoublon as monovarietals as well as in blends.

Once harvested, each variety is the subject of a distinct and careful elaboration. The modern Estoublon oil mill allows a perfect traceability of each batch. The estate's teams fully exploit the potential of this unique technical tool in the region. This mill makes it possible to limit to 24 hours the time between the harvest and the final production of the oils, a key element in guaranteeing their aromatic quality.

The rare bottles of Château d'Estoublon have just been recognized as the best olive oils in the world by winning the most prestigious competition in the world: the New York International Olive Oil Competition.

Sustainable agriculture

- Only two natural treatments per year, based on copper, clay and bacillus
- Thanks to the biodiversity present on the estate, we do not use any insecticides or chemical treatments
- Use of organic fertiliser (500 tonnes of compost each year)

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Making the vines talk

The vineyard is entirely organic and planted with mature vines. It is the object of particular attention to make the most of the atypical terroir of the property and to gain in precision in the care given to each vine stock. Several terroirs have been identified, combining outcropping limestone, clay and sandy-silt gravel. The construction of a new, modern, gravity-fed winery is also in preparation, to create ever more expressive white, red and rosé wines.

The A.O.P. Baux de Provence

The wines and olive oils of the Baux-de-Provence are defined as much by the typicity of their terroir, unique and multiple, as by the choice of men: their common desire is to preserve their land intact.

The Bio Evidence

In a climate where any other mode of cultivation would be a heresy, we have chosen to write our history in harmony with our terroir. As soon as we took over the Domaine in 1999, organic farming became an obvious choice for us. We want to respect nature, to respect what we have found here, organic farming is our way of life. philosophy.

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Organic Agriculture 

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